Most men are nervous about getting erectile dysfunction treatment because they’re embarrassed to talk about their inability to perform. But, more than that, men are worried about the possible pain and discomfort that might be a part of the diagnosis and solutions. To begin with, it is essential to understand that most ED problems can be corrected with the help of non-invasive measures. Your doctor will conduct a series of tests to identify the causes. Accordingly, you’ll receive recommendations that include medications and other methods that help you gain an erection of sufficient strength to have sex.

You May Receive Medication to Correct Health Issues

After conducting blood tests and checking you for symptoms, the doctor may suggest medications to correct health issues like hypertension, diabetes, and buildup of plaque on the walls of the arteries. Having an erection is dependent on good blood flow to the penis. Any medical conditions that restrict circulation can result in ED. Your doctor may also check for the prescriptions you’re taking. If any of the drugs are resulting in erectile dysfunction, you could be asked to stop them. In case low testosterone levels are the problem, you may receive hormone replacement therapy in the form of tablets.

Changing Lifestyle Habits Can Treat ED

Often times, the simplest erectile dysfunction treatment includes lifestyle changes. For instance:

  • Stop smoking
  • Stop alcohol and drug abuse
  • Get adequate exercise
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Get counseling to tackle problems outside the bedroom

Medication Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

The most common erectile dysfunction treatment is taking medicines including Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Stendra, and Staxyn. Typically, these drugs have minimal side effects and you can safely take them with the advice of your doctor. However, if you have heart disease or low blood pressure, these drugs can cause undesirable aftereffects. To help you with the problem of ED, the specialist treating you may suggest alternatives.

GAINSWave® ED Treatment

GAINSWave® is a device that uses high frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to rejuvenate your tissues. Using a probe-like instrument, the doctor inflicts the pulse waves along the shaft of the penis. As a result, blood circulation to the penis is improved, so patients can achieve a proper erection. In addition, the pulse waves stimulate the development of new blood vessels and also dissolve the plaque on the walls of the arteries carrying blood. You can return to normal activities right away without any pain or discomfort from the procedure. The positive effects of Energy Wave Therapy, as it is also called, are long-term since the device repairs tissues naturally.

Penis Pumps

If you are looking for a temporary erectile dysfunction treatment, you could consider using the penile pump. Available in manual or hand-powered versions, the device exerts vacuum on the shaft to encourage the flow of blood. Although fairly effective, you could opt for more permanent solutions.

If you’re looking for solutions for ED that will give you results without pain and discomfort, contact your doctor and ask for the latest options now available.

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